Softec HD / Softec HDY


Softec HD / Softec HDY

  • Monofokale, hydrophile, einteilige Hinterkammerlinse für die Kapselsackimplantation
  • HD Qualität durch patentierte bi-asphärische Optik
  • Precision in 0.25 dpt
  • Aberrationsneutrales Linsendesign
  • Jetzt NEU: Softec HD Click - Hydrophil Preloaded!

Softec HD Click Hydrophil Preloaded

Gary O. Wörtz, MD: Pearls for Implanting the Softec HD IOL

Gary O. Wörtz, MD, describes his experience working with the Softec HD IOL (Lenstec). He touches on postoperative outcomes and shares techniques for implanting the lens.

Cynthia Matossian, MD: Meeting Patients' High Expectations

Cynthia Matossian, MD, shares her overall experience with the Softec HD IOL (Lenstec). She explains how this lens helps her achieve refractive goals of patients with high expectations following cataract surgery.

Thomas Harvey, MD: Postoperative Advantage of the Softec HD IOL

Thomas Harvey, MD, describes the key postoperative advantages of the Softec HD line of IOLs (Lenstec). He also shares intraoperative pearls for these lenses.

Neel R. Desai, MD: The Custom Vision Upgrade With the Softec HD IOL

Neel R. Desai, MD, explains how the Softec HD IOL (Lenstec) benefits his practice. He describes the outcome-based conversations he has with patients about this lens and shares specific pearls for implanting this lens.